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December is CORE Strength… Here are a few Core Circuits:


Warm Up: take about 5 mins to perform an easy cardio exercise. Use this time to clear your mind and prepare for the workout. Then:

Cat/Cow x 10 x 3

Bird Dog hold x 10 sec per side x 3 per side x 3 sets

Prone Superman x 10 x 3

All fours wrist mobility:

Level 1 and 2 (the difference is decrease weight)


Posterior Chain-Purpose is to build muscles around your core to reduce pain and injury, and increase endurance and power production.

Barbell Bent Over Row 8reps x 10 sets

Landmine one arm row 12,10,8

Wall Sits with a plate on lap and over head hold x 1 min (level 2 hold 30 sec and no weight)

CIRCUIT: this is a 6 min circuit-goal is to perform 4 sets

1min of Pull up or any variation

30 sec of Step ups-holding one db 30 sec off

1 min of heavy Sandbag plank pass throughs

30 sec of sled pull and 30 sec of sled push (no sled get old hose and create it)

1 min of jump rope

30 sec of wall balls to an object 30 sec rest

Level 3:

Strength component:

Lat Pull Down x 12 reps x 3 sets

Tricep Rope Pull Downs x 10 x 3

Standing Cable Row x 12 x 3

Bench Skull Crushers x 12 x 3

Rest about 1.5 mins between sets

Circuit: 3 reps

KB Farmer Carry x 1 min

Side Plank hold (modify on knees if you have to) x 30 sec per side

Dead Bugs x 10

Push Ups x 10

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