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Dec 7: Anti-core Strengthening

What are anti-core exercises? They are a series of exercises that are focused on preventing movement from the hips and spine. Why would you want to prevent motion? Well, the purpose of your core is to protect your spine and joints by resisting movement, not creating it. By doing this, creates a solid base for movement, and allows the body to effectively transfer force from the lower to the upper body, in turn producing more power but most importantly making the body more resilient to injury.

Level 1

Warm Up:

1/2 mile jog

Foam roll lower body 1 min for each body part (hams, glutes, calves, IT and quads

Circuit: For 5-8 rounds

Broad jump to burpee x 10

Heavy med ball overhead throw

Rest 1 min

Single leg Ball Slams on Bosu x 10 per side

Plank shoulder taps x 20 total

Wall walks x 3

Rest 1 min

Row or bike for 10 cal

Level 2:


Walk/Jog for 20 mins at an easy pace

Then perform the following Circuit for 7 rounds

1 min: Palloff press 30 sec per side

1 min: Step up with 1 dumbbell only by your side (alternate steps)

1 min: Single-leg ball slams (alternate sides)

1 min: right side plank for 30 sec left plank for 30 sec

after each round perform 20 sec of one of the following: burpees, rower, jump rope or bike

Level 3:

Warm-up: Walk/Row or Bike for 20 mins keeping your heart rate at a conversational pace

Standing Palloff Press x 12 x 3 per side

Plank on elbows x 15 sec

Dead Bug x 20 total

Glute Bride on your back x 10

Side plank right x 10 sec

Side Plank left x 10 sec

Wall Sit x 30 sec

Rest 1 min

Perform 4 sets

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