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We offer a range of different health and wellness programs suited for all first responders with a specific focus on firefighters. Get in touch to learn more about what we offer and how we can help you be your best

On-site Training

We offer a variety of exercises specific to your firefighters. We bring yoga, nutrition, stress management, sleep hygiene management as well as specialists from the area to increase the overall health of your firefighters.

Anthropometric measurements/Fitness testing

  • Body Fat Measurements

  • Fitness Assessments-strength, cardiovascular and muscular endurance

  • VO2 measurements-NFPA 1581 suggests your firefighters be at a Vo2 of 44ml/kg/bw. 

  • Nutrition Assessments

  • Movement Screenings assess all joints and biomechanical abilities or inabilities

Research collection

Programs to help provide the city/town with concrete evidence to continually provide these services. We manage injury data and create anonymous monthly reports to show the benefits of your program

One on one sessions

Research has found that one on one sessions help assist with accountability.

Nutrition Plans

We provide first responders with a nutritional plan that will ensure they are able to function at their best.

Manage participation

Listen to and ask members what their interests are and help provide programs to motivate participation

Transitional programs

  • Pregnancy: providing women with exercise programs specific to their needs and to help build strength to get back to the job

  • Injury: Assisting with post-rehabilitation needs to be able to perform the 13 major movements of a firefighter successfully

  • Cancer-Creating Programs: specific to those who are fighting or coming back from cancer. Our physiologists are certified cancer specialists to help assist with his/her needs

  • Alcohol/Drug Rehab: assisting those that want to come back with movements that will help create a holistic program

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