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November 1-November 7

Group 3 (Basic Full Body Workout) Take your time to perform the following:

Warm UP:

5 mins easy walk 5 min jog x 2 sets

3 sets of:

Clams x 10 per side

coppenhangen modified plank 10 sec per side

Bird Dogs x 20

Plank hold x 20 sec

For 30 mins. perform as many rounds as possible:

Step ups x 20 total holding dumbells of any weight

Push Ups x 10

Standing Bicep Curls x 12

Triceps Skull Crushers x 12

Bent Over DB rows x 8 per side

Hamstring Curls with band x 20

Group 2 Chipper

Warm-up: 3 sets of (take about 10 mins)

Wrist mobility: all fours rocking back and forth x 10

Bird Dog x 12 total

Banded Clams x 10 per side

Plank toe touches x 10 total

Occupational Task-Specific Training:

Landmine Bent Over Row x 10 per side (keep elbows close to your side)

Standing Bosu Wood Choppers x 10 per side

Pallof Presses x 20 per side

Muscular Endurance Circuit Training about 15 mins

In 15 mins AMRAP

5 Burpees

Step Ups or Jump ups x 10

Push Ups x 15

Wall Balls x 10

Bear Crawl Stance Hold with Sandbag pass through x 15reps

5 Pull Ups of any level

Finisher 100 situps for time

Group 1

Same as Group 2 However we are going to work on

Hang Cleans-

Before the Circuit take about 10 mins to work on 65-75% Clean form. Not looking for 1RM. Looking to maintain Core and Strength

8 reps at 50%

6 Reps at 60%

5reps at 65%

4 Reps at 70%

3 Reps at 75%

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